Innovative Modular System for Range of Use
Built by CliplocTM and SolarslabTM insulated panel, our portable cabin is inherited with efficient thermal insulation performance. Size and design of portable cabin can be tailored to customer order. GREATWALLTM cabin is extremely fitted for mobile offices / job sites / permanent sub-offices which require flexibility and convenience for installation and relocation.

Excellent Thermal Performance

Polystyrene foam is excellent insulators with thermal conductivity 1,500 times lower than metal sheet. Temperature inside the cabin is much lower than steel container and save electricity cost.

Leak-proof / Weather-Resistance

Installed with SolarslabTM roofing system which is characterized by leak-proof, non-corrosive and weather-resistant property


Built by CliplocTM panels, both surfaces are color-coated galvanized steel which yield appropriate strength and durability for construction site usage

Mobile Toilet

Mobile Office with Toilet and Shower Area

Mobile Office

Mobile Toilet

Mobile Toilet Single Type with Shower Area

Mobile Toilet Single Type

Kiosk & Guard house

Guard House Type 1