In clean rooms and laboratories, it is crucial that working under the right dust and/or germ-free conditions is possible. From experience over 35 years, Greatwall is an expert in providing GMP and HACCP conformance cleanroom system for customers. In order to control the concentration of particles in the room as much as possible, we have optimized our panel system in terms of:

  1. Cleanability
    Greatwall cleanroom wall and ceiling surface are smooth and easily cleanable. Fastener-concealed installation accessories and radius coving are applied to create fully flush corner transitions and seamless wall-to-ceiling and wall-to-floor connections.
  2. Hygienic
    Panel skins are made of pre-painted galvanized steel coated with USDA food-safe Antibacterial polyester paint, which is free from heavy metal, cancerous, and toxic agents. It can effectively reduce dirt retention and contamination, thus, appropriate for cleanroom both microelectronic and bio-pharmaceutical type.
  3. Air-tight
    Panel systems are secure and absolutely air-tight. Structure of Greatwall cleanroom panel are connected to each other by inbuilt Cliploc or Intaloc system at panel edge providing positive joining of the panel with seamless connection.
  4. Durability
    Ceiling system is designed to yield enough strength for walk-on load in case of maintenance or HEPA filter replacement. Installation of lighting or HEPA filter can be easily attached to ceiling at site.
  5. Fire resistance
    Internal structure of Greatwall cleanroom panel are made of fire-retarded insulation for safety in operation
  6. Flush window
    Our panel system offers both fully flush window (double glazing) or semi-flush window which designed specifically for cleanroom applications to be absence of ledges and eliminates corners that often collect dust but more cost effective solution.
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