SolarShieldTM panel is an insulated roof system providing a pre-painted steel underside complete with tongue and groove roll formed edge and insulating core. Upper side steel is profiled with trapezoidal shape. The butt joint between the ends of insulation core applies finger joint detail, providing a seamless and thermal efficient bond across the insulation

Core.Excellent Thermal Performance

EPS is an excellent insulator with thermal conductivity 49 time lower than concrete. SolarShieldTM roof panel thus can lower temperature inside a building and save electricity cost.

Durable Connection

SolarShieldTM roof panels are connected to each other by self-locking roof profile at panel edge offering strong joint and smooth appearance.


Trapezoidal shape of roof ridge helps to drain and ensure a leak-proof water tight end. Special Polyester coating on SolarShieldTM roof surface is non-corrosive and weather -resistant.

All-in-one roof and ceiling

SolarShieldTM roof panel can be applied as roof, ceiling, and insulator, all-in-one without separate ceiling required. Gap between roof and ceiling where pest and insects reside is then eliminated, improving hygienic condition.

Good span result

SolarShieldTM roof panel offer 5-time wider span between purlins (4.8 m. for panel thickness 100 mm.) than other roofing materials. Construction cost can be saved.