FireGuardTM panel is an insulated wall and ceiling panel system providing a pre-painted steel surface completed with tongue and groove roll formed edge and non-combustible insulation core, offering higher strength, durability, and fireproof function.

Fire Resistance

Rock wool core is non-combustible material. It does not generate smoke and promote flame spread when exposed to fire. FireguardTM panel offer efficient solution to resist fire and insulate against temperature on fire side which could reach 1000 °C daringly flame period, increasing life safety.


High Insulation Performance

Rock wool core has low thermal conductivity while structure is water repellent, non-hygroscopic and non-capillary. FireguardTM panel can be applied as to operating temperature from -30 to +250 °C

High Strength

Rigid and vertical fiber structural rock wool core combined with special formulated adhesive and steel backing coat guarantee excellent compressive, shear, and tensile strength of FireguardTM panels. Single spans from 2m through to 6m can be achieved depending on the thickness, design load and temperature gradient across panel thickness, thus require less structural steel and results in a reduce of overall cost.

High durability

Structure of rock wool is dimensionally stable, not liable to shrink or expand to ensure longer building useful life.