IntalocTM panel is an insulated wall and ceiling panel system providing a pre-painted steel surface completed with tongue and groove roll formed edge and ThermalockTM panel joint which can achieve superior thermal performance. The butt joint between the ends of insulation core applies finger joint detail, providing a seamless and thermal efficient bond across the insulation core.

Excellent Insulation Performance

The Panel can be applied at operating temperature of -50 to +50 °C to preserve freshness and maintain quality of raw or processed foods for lengthy of period, thus suitable for cold and freezer room construction.

Leak proof with ThermalockTM

The panel is advanced with ThermalockTM technology to better prevent heat leakage between panels joint, thus save more on energy cost.


The panels are coated with paint containing fungus resistance and an inorganic anti-bacterial agent, which effectively neutralize the ability of bacteria to function, grow, and reproduce, thus, appropriate for food processing factory or clean room both industrial and biological type Class 1-100,000 (ISO 3-8)

Food Safe

The panel are coated with food-safe color which is free of heavy metal, cancerous, and toxic agents conforming to the regulation of United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), qualified for use of cold storage, food processing industry, and industry which is required to comply with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) or Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)

Durable and Smooth Joint System

The panels are connected to each other by inbuilt INTALOC system at panel edge providing a positive joining of the panels with strong and seamless connection.

Easy Re-assembling

Prefabricated element of panels is not only convenient for installation but also re-assemble for multiple usages.