Fireproof Room

FIREGUARD insulated wall and ceiling system are ideal for customer with high demands of fire resistance and sound insulation requirements such as data centers, IT & server rooms. They can be used in extremely high temperatures industrial applications, such as boiling room, oven room, frying room, superheated steam networks, or even foundries. From over 35 years in insulated panel industry, we professionally construct high integrity fire rated rooms for customer with our experienced team. Key attributes of Greatwall fireproof room are

  1. Fire protection
    FIREGUARD panel is made of non-combustible stone wool core classified as class A1 (EN13501-1, DIN4102) in building material. Rockwool insulation is fire proof insulation slows the spread of the flames. Rockwool does not produce dangerous toxic smoke and also helps protect the building’s load-bearing structure. The panel can withstand fire-resistance test (BS476:Part20-22) for more than 4 hours. Our FIREGUARD panel is truly fire-proof system.
  2. Acoustic insulation
    The combination of stone wool fibers contain large percentage of free space (air) which provide excellent sound absorbent property
  3. Thermal insulation
    Rockwool have a coefficient of thermal conductivity (k) 0.038 W / mK at room temperature which provides significantly better insulation property compared to typical construction material like concrete
  4. Cleanability
    Greatwall fireproof room are smooth and cleanable. Panel skins are made of pre-painted galvanized steel coated with USDA food-safe Antibacterial polyester paint, which is free from heavy metal, cancerous, and toxic agents. It can effectively reduce dirt retention and contamination.
  5. Air-tight
    FIREGUARD panel systems are secure and absolutely air-tight. Structure of Greatwall cleanroom panel are connected to each other by inbuilt Intaloc system at panel edge providing positive joining of the panel with seamless connection.
Fireproof Room Fireproof Room